Work with Monday Hustle

Are you looking for extra exposure for a small, medium or large business? Are you looking 0A9A0906for somebody to front a campaign who is enthusiastic, authentic, professional and entertaining? Are you an entrepreneur, or someone who has chased, is chasing or is about to chase your dream? Then you’ve come to the right place!!

I love working and collaborating with people, companies and brands that resonate with the Monday Hustle vibe to create clever, fun and organic content which is primarily both engaging and valuable. There are a multitude of ways you can work with Lucy and/or Monday Hustle. See ideas below, or get in touch to discuss your campaign/event requirements.

Because as you know.. When you hustle.. Nothing is impossible!

1) Video content/presenter

Creating and presenting video content is what I love the most! Why? Because my enthusiasm and curiosity knows no bounds (case in point..)! If you would like me to front a campaign or to cover an experience, adventure or event, get in touch with me or my lovely agent, Sophie at Outspoken By Odd.

2) MC-ing, speaking, Voice Over artist

As well as presenting, I also work as an MC, speaker, and voice over artist. If you require my skills in any of these areas, again please contact my lovely agent Sophie –

3) Hustle Hacks

“Advice, tips, and hustle hacks from people who have been there, done that, and are still there doing it”

Hustle Hacks is a space on the Monday Hustle website where people come to gain fresh perspective, confidence, tangible ideas and inspiration. In this day and age, to even get a look in for most positions/opportunities, you have to get creative. I want your advice about networking, cover letters, CV’s, pitching etc, so if you or your business have hacks, tips or life lessons to share, I think I speak for hustlers everywhere when I say that we’d love to hear them!

4) Hustle Hall of Fame/Interviews

I am ridiculously intrigued by stories about how people came to be doing what they do, about overcoming adversity, about positive life lessons, and about where people are hustling to get to next – therefore, it makes sense to have a space on the Monday Hustle website for interviews. I can create and produce interviews in written, visual or audio form.. So let’s talk!


5) Social

Monday Hustle is on Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat (@mondayhustle). The Monday Hustle audience are engaged, motivated and bosses through and through! Get in touch to talk about how you, your event or your brand can get involved across these platforms.


I’m all about making the Monday Hustle experience an entertaining, authentic and valuable one for my audience as well as my clients– so if any/all of the above sparked even just a smidgen of interest – let’s grab a coffee, chat and make some magic happen!