Bucket List

Having a bucket list means accountability – and being a hot mess who scrolls Instagram 4 times before breakfast each morning, making my bucket list public is a move to stay focussed and regain control over life’s distractions.

Ironic that this is on a blog?

I believe that the most growth takes place when we take action, kick away from the comfort zone and embrace the challenge of feeling the fear, and doing it anyway. I call these Near Life Experiences – moments in which we are so absorbed that living the present is all we can do.

Let the fun begin.

The Adventurer: 

  1. Skydive     √
  2. Get skydive lisence
  3. Do the highest bungy jump in the world
  4. Get my diving license
  5. Get behind the wheel of a performance car
  6. Learn to surf
  7. Ride a mechanical bull
  8. Barefoot waterski
  9. Kite-surf
  10. Go to Six Flags
  11. Swim with sharks
  12. Abseil down a waterfall
  13. Go caving
  14. Hang glide
  15. Go cliff diving
  16. Parasail
  17. Rappel down a waterfall
  18. Ride in a hot air balloon
  19. Scuba dive
  20. Climb a volcano
  21. Feed a crocodile
  22. Chase a tornado
  23. Play paintball
  24. Drive a speedboat
  25. Ride a camel
  26. Learn to windsurf


The Nimble AF Athlete:

  1. Finish an ironman: Perform in a dance crew
  2. Dog sled
  3. Complete outward bound
  4. Perfect a karate kick
  5. Do the splits
  6. Ride a jet ski
  7. Bowl a 200+ game
  8. Clay bird shoot
  9. Try curling
  10. Learn to snowboard
  11. Karate chop a wooden board
  12. Wheelie on a bicycle
  13. Learn archery
  14. Go to a trampoline park
  15. Take trapeze classes


The Traveller:

  1. Travel to Africa
  2. Walk the Great Wall of China
  3. Drive across North America
  4. Line dance in America
  5. Salsa in Spain
  6. Attend Burning Man
  7. Attend an Indian Wedding
  8. See the Northern Lights
  9. Visit Antarctica
  10. Get to the Amazon
  11. Stand in Times Square
  12. See a Broadway Musical
  13. Visit Niagra Falls
  14. Visit the Whitehouse
  15. Go to a show in Las Vegas
  16. Visit the pyramids of Giza
  17. Visit Auschwitz
  18. Get to Marrakesh
  19. Get to the top of the Statue of Liberty
  20. Go the battle of the Oranges in Italy
  21. Attend the Holi Festival in India
  22. Attend Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  23. Climb Mt Kilimanjaro
  24. Be in Ireland for St Patrick’s Day
  25. Go to a Brazilian carnival
  26. Experience blues in New Orleans
  27. See a Wimbeldon match live
  28. See a Las Vegas show
  29. Watch the sunset in Santorini
  30. Get a henna tattoo in India
  31. Kiss the Blarney Stone
  32. Sleep in an Irish Castle
  33. Hear the Pope speak at the Vatican
  34. Ride a Vespa in Tuscany
  35. Float in the dead sea
  36. Visit Wadi Rum
  37. Go to Mexico
  38. Go to the super-bowl
  39. Visit the forbidden city in China
  40. Witness the wildebeest migration
  41. Go to DisneyLand in California
  42. Have a White Christmas in NYC


The Performer:

  1. Perform a comedy set
  2. Re-learn the drums
  3. Sing in a band
  4. Get really good at knife throwing
  5. Do a Ted Talk
  6. Be a part of a flashmob
  7. Perform in an improvisation crew
  8. Be a game show contestant
  9. Take contemporary dance lessons
  10. Be a hype-man
  11. Lead an aerobics class
  12. Be on the radio
  13. Be on a TV commercial
  14. Busk
  15. Voice a children’s video
  16. Sing karaoke


The Competitor:

  1. Compete in the Masters Games
  2. Compete in a pool competition
  3. Compete in a darts competition
  4. Compete in a beer pong competition


The Self-Health-Focussed Zen Master:

  1. Feng-Shui my room
  2. Do a silent yoga retreat
  3. Try cupping therapy
  4. Go on a no talking retreat
  5. See a nutritionist
  6. See an osteopath
  7. Go on holiday by myself
  8. Go in a sensory deprivation tank
  9. Try cupping therapy


The Foodie: 

  1. Try caviar
  2. Toss pizza


The Debatably Stupid:

  1. Hitch-hike
  2. Get a tattoo (sorry, mom)
  3. Try magic mushrooms (sorry, mom)
  4. Do a yard glass (sorry, mom)
  5. Drink Kava
  6. Drink moonshine
  7. Start a food fight
  8. Read a banned book
  9. Sleep in a haunted house
  10. Shop on a black market
  11. Crowd Surf


The Entertainment Junkie:

  1. See a ballet
  2. See an opera
  3. See Fleetwood Mac live
  4. Go to a drive in movie
  5. See Bob Dylan live
  6. Go to a boxing match
  7. Go to WWE
  8. Be a member of a TV audience
  9. Watch a Bollywood film


The Life-Learner:

  1. Learn French
  2. Learn to make the perfect extra-hot trim flat white
  3. Make jam
  4. Learn to play chess
  5. Memorize the periodic table
  6. Invest in the stock market
  7. Learn how to say ‘thank you’ in 20 different languages
  8. Make a balloon animal
  9. Learn how to wheelie
  10. Get really good at clay bird shooting
  11. Make crème brulée (with a fire torch)
  12. Drive a boat
  13. Fillet a fish
  14. Build a tree-house
  15. Complete a linguistics course
  16. Get my forklift license
  17. Light a fire without matches
  18. Become a qualified interior designer
  19. Fly a plane


The Creative:

  1. Write a web series
  2. Collaborate with a producer and release a single
  3. Create a Monday Hustle TV show (aka, be Oprah)
  4. Write a piece on feminism
  5. Write a piece on mental health
  6. Write a book.. Anonymously.
  7. Get published.. Not anonymously.
  8. Sell a strange yet useful product
  9. Host a retreat/adventure
  10. Sell a piece of art I create
  11. File a patent
  12. Open a vintage store
  13. Hold a market stall
  14. Create a piece of stationery
  15. Make soap
  16. Write a song
  17. Write a short story
  18. Write poetry
  19. Create a documentary


The Just ‘Cause YOLO: 

  1. Knit a jumper
  2. Ride a Segway
  3. Milk a cow
  4. Name a star
  5. Sleep in a tree-house
  6. Arrive via seaplane
  7. Fly first class
  8. Fly in a private jet
  9. Drive a classic car
  10. Go on a cruise
  11. Search for treasure on a beach
  12. Experience weightlessnes


The Who-TF-Am-I-Now: 

  1. Dye my hair Emma Stone auburn
  2. Have a stylist session/get my colours done


The Own-Backyard-Hustler: 

  1. Visit Waitangi
  2. Get to Cape Reinga
  3. Stay at a Marae
  4. Hike Franz Josef
  5. Walk Rangitoto
  6. Go to Kapiti Island


The Boggled Mind:

  1. Witness a birth


The Humanitarian:

  1. Co-found a non-profit
  2. Positively impact the mental health world
  3. Become an ambassador for a charity
  4. Volunteer for a cause I believe in


The Monthly#ChallengeAccepted:

(For 21 days, I undertake challenges to see if they live up to the hype! Search #MondayHustleChallenge to get involved – and email lucy@mondayhustle.com if you have a challenge you’d like to see her attempt!)

  1. Get up before 6am
  2. Meditate
  3. Yoga
  4. Go dairy free
  5. Go gluten-free
  6. Go vegan
  7. Go vegetarian
  8. Volunteer
  9. Cold Showers
  10. No coffee
  11. Culling my material possessions
  12. No alcohol


The Consumerist:

  1. Own a Jeep
  2. Own a vintage car
  3. Live in a brick apartment by the sea
  4. Buy an original piece of art


The Connections: 

  1. Meet Brené Brown
  2. See Tony Robbins
  3. Get a photo with my doppelgänger
  4. Meet a world leader
  5. Trace my Irish heritage
  6. Surprise an old friend



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