Instead of writing a huge essay, I thought it might be easy if I go through and answer a few of the questions I get asked most frequently!

  • Who the hell are you, and wtf am I doing reading about you?

My name is Lucy, and what you have to know about me first is my unquenchable love for two things.

Salt ‘n’ vinegar chips.. And coffee. Phew. Glad that’s off my chest.

I come from a family of six, and some people say I have classic middle child syndrome – that is, I always need to be challenging myself more, and I always need attention. Maybe I was a puppy in a past life.. From a young age, I have always been fascinated by the potential humans possess, in their different interests, different challenges and different views of the world. My mum once kindly said that I have the ability to make people of any age, of any ability, and from any walk of life feel comfortable and accepted in my presence – and I think that would have to be my favourite compliment!

I guess mum knows best, because behind it all, that’s the reason I started Monday Hustle. As well as the consumables mentioned in the first paragraph, I also have a love for people. I believe that every person has a story and a passion worth pursuing, that no negative experience is insurmountable, and that maybe if we tried to understand other people as well as ourselves a little better, perhaps that would make for a better world. So that’s why I am passionate about sharing stories, inspiring others, fleshing out the struggles we go through and repackaging what we perceive as negative, because at the end of the day, when it comes to being brave and embracing everything that makes us unique, there is more that connects us than separates us.

I’ve never been content following the norm, never felt happy just trying to ‘fit in’, and I know that life can be confusing and a bit more difficult when you are unclear on what you want. You might feel judged or less or unworthy – I know I did (so much so that I didn’t tell my mum I’d quit my job for 3 full weeks..) – but facing that fear of judgement, of failing, of uncertainty is all part of the process!

Fear. That’s a big handbrake, isn’t it?

After I quit my job, I decided to start a blog as a way to keep myself accountable (and to show my parents that I was actually doing stuff), and the rest as they say is history. BUT – starting a blog wasn’t easy for me, oh no – see, it may be hard to believe, but before Monday Hustle, one of my biggest fears was social media. I hated the idea that people would be able to see me. I was petrified of failing and going nowhere. I just wanted to wake up and have it made! But fate clearly had other plans, because Monday Hustle is now two years old – and constantly growing and changing. Not knowing where it’s going to go is still one of the most exciting things ever, and you wouldn’t be here reading about this if I’d never taken that initial leap – so I hope that empowers you, because as I can tell you from experience – eventually, it all makes sense!

Where did you learn to write (and talk (sh*t))?

At primary school. But seriously, I’ve never ‘learnt’ to write or speak – I’ve only ever just done it. Words and language are a flaming affair I’ll end for no man. I lust after alliteration. I crave the unconventional description. I thrive on the struggle of making sure I’m being true to myself through the way I communicate, and create a connection with others as a result. The biggest compliment I get is when people say, ‘you’re the same in real life as you are on Monday Hustle’ – and that’s how I know that I’m portraying the most authentic side of myself I can – authenticity being one of MH’s values. NB – if you see the odd spelling or grammatical error, feel free to inform me, but please don’t ostracize. I spend all my money on chips and coffee, and can’t afford an editor..

What were you doing before Monday Hustle?

If you’re talking about work history.. SO MANY DIFFERENT THINGS.

Here it is in a relatively sequential nutshell:

  • Studied psychology
  • Completed an internship at an advertising agency
  • Worked in PR without knowing what PR was (I think it’s been long enough to admit that..)
  • Travelled around universities in the USA and the UK promoting volunteer package trips to students
  • Worked as a stunt performer (my dream as a 5 year old because Lucy Lawless)
  • Worked in hospitality (best job ever – taught me so much about people, systems, anticipating expectations)
  • Worked in retail (second best job ever – people, it’s all about the people. And the mopping. I love mopping because #Therapy, and also, probably because I’m a woman)
  • Worked in events management (snapped my Achilles and had to quit)
  • Worked as a freelance copywriter (sometimes still do)
  • Worked as a social strategist (sometimes still do)
  • Worked as a v/o artist, presenter and MC (mostly still do)

Take awaya? Career-life never happens the way you think it will!

How do you learn about all the stuff you write and talk about?

 I am a great believer in the fact that life is cumulative, that no experience is standalone; that we need to endeavour to learn throughout our lives, and share the lessons as a way to uplift, inspire and connect. I hustle to live in a constant state of challenging my own beliefs, and trying to see the positive in every experience so I can help others feel ok about whatever it is they are going through.

Yes, I was a weird kid who star-gazed from the age of 10, and questioned are there aliens, or am I an alien, and what even is alien.. What is life, and do I actually exist and what is this skin-prison I inhabit and did I choose this or did it choose me?

I may have a degree in psychology, and be a qualified life coach, and while I occasionally tout those facts as a way to pretend I can read minds, there is no way I think that I have all the answers – or that I ever will! I don’t claim to be an expert of any kind, so if you read or hear something from me that you don’t agree with or believe in – that’s ok!! In fact, that’s brilliant. The Hustl is is all about working out who it is you are and what you believe in – so if I can help work out who you aren’t or what you don’t believe in – still a job well done! 

Do you offer one-on-one mentoring packages?

YES! There is nothing I love more than getting to hang out with you (YOU! Yeah you, sitting here reading this FAQ section), to help you get unstuck, to help you take positive action and to help you understand fundamentally that you are capable of kicking ass. I’m a qualified life coach, have studied psychology, plus I have a whole network of contacts and fresh ideas from my years of Hustle – and I’d love to work with you one on one to help empower you to live your Hustle most authentic, and make your Mondays incredible. E-mail lucy@mondayhustle.com to learn more!

How do you make money with Monday Hustle?

I’ve been lucky in that Monday Hustle feeds into my passions of writing, presenting and MC-ing, which means I can keep paying rent!

Girl gotta eat (S&V chips..), and to make sure I’m able to create the best, most exciting content with you in mind, occasionally I’ll work with brands or companies who have a heart which beats in time with Monday Hustles’ to help keep this space afloat. I promise to make it fun!

Please know that I do my utmost to ensure that the brands I work with are in line with the Monday Hustle values. If, at any time you feel like something is not adding up – please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing me.

Don’t you also do events?

 I do also ‘do’ events. As well as having worked in events, I single handedly hosted a re-launch party for Monday Hustle 2.0 in 2016, and also host events and workshops called ‘The Ripple Effect’ with my friend, Cam Calkoen. In the future, I’m planning to host Monday Hustle specific events to help you break through the fear barrier – so make sure you’re signed up to the Monday Hustle mailing list to keep up to date!     

Don’t you think the term ‘Hustle is a little overdone..? 

I’m a sucker for all things retro and clichéd, so in short – nah. Besides – life’s too short to worry about the hype. Or lack thereof.

Are you trying to be Gary Veynerchuk?

Yes. All of him.

Is this FAQ over?

Yes. All of him.

If you feel I’ve missed anything in this FAQ, you can send me an email – lucy@mondayhustle.com – and I’ll get the answer back to you as soon as hustler-ly possible! Hustler-ly. That’s a tongue twister, if ever I’ve invented a word.