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Workshops & Events

You asked and I’m going to get this rolling eventually! Likely to fall within the format of navigating that quarter life crisis, finding your voice and working through those tough moments, I can’t wait to get stuck into workshops, events and activations designed to help you move through life – not against it!

Plus, I also co-host an annual inspirational speaker’s event with my friend Cam Calkoen called, ‘The Ripple Effect’ that legit changes lives.

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Unlike most sane humans, I thrive when public speaking, interacting with strangers and infusing the spoken word with unrelentingly enthusiastic intonation. I know. Strange. So how can I help you?


From beauty conferences to building awards, hockey prize givings and weddings, I’ve MC’d a variety of events. My ‘enthusiasm is contagious’ and my ‘energy infectious’, but I don’t think those are bad things to catch – potentially quite the opposite! If you have an event coming up that needs a reliable, engaging host – get in touch using the contact form below!

Lucy O’Connor recently MC’d a large sport fundraising event for the Halberg Disability sport Foundation. We were immediately impressed with Lucy from our first meeting. Off her own initiative she had researched our organisation, knew what we did and offered good ideas on how she could assist the success of our event. As an MC she was a fantastic mix of like-ability and professionalism and importantly did a great job of communicating some quite complicated key messages throughout our event.  She had a lovely friendly manner that enabled her to easily interact with the wide array of event attendees we had (from young children to business and sports leaders) and was just a genuine pleasure to work with. We would have no hesitation in working with her again and recommending her to others. Grant McCabe – Halberg Event Manager

Voice over artist:

My upbeat yet dulcet tones don’t go unnoticed by eardrums  – just ask anyone who heard the electric vehicle ad this year! If you need an enthusiastic, trustworthy voice for your training video, e-learning series, children’s cartoon or advertisement on TV, radio or online – get in touch! And I’m serious about the cartoon stuff. Once I was a bumble-bee.

Vox Pops and BTS content:

Looking for someone to host behind the scenes content, be a backstage insider or get the goss on the ground pre-event? As long as you want endearingly awkward interactions, bold moves and spontaneous-content-gold, I’m your girl!



E-mail, or fill out the form below (include any key dates) – and let’s talk!

Content Collaborations

So, you believe what we believe – that the Hustle is process. That the most thing you can do is give yourself permission to figure it out, and embrace what makes you uniquely you, be ‘you’ brand or individual. Cool!

Monday Hustle is all about trying, exploring, failing, risking and getting out of that comfort zone, and if you’d like to learn more about what sort of epic content collaborations are possible on this varied and ever-evolving site, email with the subject line, ‘Let’s Collaborate!’ and I’ll send you back a media kit with everything you need to know!

NB: If you are a shark diving company, YES, you can sponsor me to tick ‘shark diving’ off my bucket list. I don’t know if I could bring myself to pay for that literally-sh*t-myself-in-public kind of fear.

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