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Hi. I’m Lucy O’Connor, and if you were to boil it down, you’ll discover that I specialize in three main things:mg_9454-e1516934802781.jpg

  1. Drinking coffee
  2. Talking to strangers
  3. Using words to connect, motivate, relate and inspire, whether those be words on paper, spoken aloud or experienced in person

On a good day, I’ll do all three.

If you need an enthusiastic, entertaining and engaging personality to help bring your brand, conference, showcase or event to life – I’m your human.

The services I offer are:

  • Event MC/hosting
  • Vox-pop hosting/production
  • Behind the scenes hosting/production (BTS)
  • Voice-overs (video, e-learning series, children’s cartoon, TV, radio or online advertisements)
  • Content writing/creation
  • Ideas consulting
  • Any combination of the above

With a varied work experience in media, advertising, events, social strategy and sales, my network and skillset is diverse, creative, informed and unique. As a result, my offerings are entirely tailored with each job, and where needed I am able to leverage a professional team to make your desired outcome stand out.

Event MC

As an enthusiastic, articulate, sincere, energetic and relatable host, take the pressure off yourself and let me make your audience feel connected, engaged and that they are an integral part of your event. I’ll meet with you before the event to get a solid idea of what it’s all about so I can fill it with the integrity, entertainment and good vibes it deserves.

Key questions I will ask include:

  • What is the purpose of your event?
  • Who is your event for/who will be in the audience?
  • What is the main purpose of your event? How do you want your audience and guests to feel throughout the duration? What are they there to gain?
  • What key outtakes do you want the audience/organizers/speakers to take with them when they leave?
  • Who are the main speakers or important guests that you would like me to highlight?
  • In your opinion, when are the key moments in this event?
  • How important is timing in this event?

If you don’t have a pre-prepared script, I can assist in the creation of this, too. I have MC’d at weddings, award nights, charity drives and conferences alike, and would love to bring my ‘infectious energy’ to your showcase. Apparently it’s something people don’t mind catching!

Lucy O’Connor recently MC’d a large sport fundraising event for the Halberg Disability sport Foundation. We were immediately impressed with Lucy from our first meeting. Off her own initiative she had researched our organisation, knew what we did and offered good ideas on how she could assist the success of our event. As an MC she was a fantastic mix of like-ability and professionalism and importantly did a great job of communicating some quite complicated key messages throughout our event.  She had a lovely friendly manner that enabled her to easily interact with the wide array of event attendees we had (from young children to business and sports leaders) and was just a genuine pleasure to work with. We would have no hesitation in working with her again and recommending her to others. Grant McCabe – Halberg Event Manager

Vox Pop Hosting/Production

Let me get a little word-nerd on you here. The word ‘vox pop’ comes from a Latin phrase, ‘vox populi’, meaning ‘the voice of the people’. Vox pops exist to get a snapshot of public opinion, and are the perfect medium to capture unbiased ideas, thoughts and emotions. They are a great way to get candid reviews before and after events, launches and showcases.

Think of it as modern day survey that’s actually fun. Vox pops should be an essential element of every event as there is no better endorsement or recommendation those that come straight from the mouth of your target audience. Forget stats and graphs – put a human face on your trends. Vox pops can give you in-the-moment insights into what the people who matter are saying – plus they can give you unparalleled insights about where you can improve – an essential component to the success of any campaign.

Vox Pop Hosting

You are already clear on your goals and have a script for a host to work from. You have everything you need to create epic vox pop content (ie, videographers, audio equipment, editors etc) – aside from an enthusiastic host to bring your content and your audience to life.

As your vox pop host, I will give a relaxed, authentic and approachable vibe, making the people I interact with feel at ease and comfortable in front of the microphone or camera to elicit authentic reactions as a result. This in turn will give your audience a feeling of positivity towards your event, product or service, improving trust by showing that you care about your audience and the people you are working to benefit.

Vox Pop Production + Hosting

In a planning session will work closely with you to determine the purpose of your event or conference, discuss what outcomes you’d like from vox pop content and highlight opportunities.

Select this option for:

  • A 1-1.5 hour creative brainstorm/planning session where we discuss in detail the purpose of your vox pops, talk about your key audience and get clear on the outcomes you would like to gain from this content
  • Recommendations on how you could use and repurpose this content, and what channels it could be effective on (ie, would it work most effectively as a series? Should the content be separated by topic, response, location etc)
  • A script of open ended questions to work with (with two edits included)
  • Vox pop management which, depending on what we decide in the planning session, could include a videographer, audio equipment hire, editing etc.
  • Lucy as a host to bring everything we discuss to life

Behind the Scenes Hosting/Production

Why create Behind the Scenes content?

When it comes to events, the best sell is when someone is on the ground in the action, immersed in the most exciting and spontaneous moments and exuding the positive, fun vibe as they experience it first hand.

I can combine my vox pop skills and my ability to connect, entertain and embarrass (myself) to make your event stand out and have a different sort of execution and attitude. The key here, is entertainment – creating a bridge between people at the event, celebrity or otherwise, and breaking down the divide between people who are attending and people who aren’t – and converting the latter into the former.

Looking for someone to host behind the scenes content, be a backstage insider or get the goss on the ground pre-event? As long as you want endearing earnest interactions, bold moves and spontaneity you just can’t plan for, I’m your girl!

As a behind the scenes host, it is my job to:

  • Make people I encounter feel at ease
  • Get key messaging across in an authentic, engaging way
  • Garner a total audience snapshot
  • Make your event look incredible

Behind The Scenes Hosting

You are already clear on your goals and have a script and brief for me to work from. You have everything you need to create epic behind the scenes content (ie, videographers, audio equipment, editors etc) – aside from an enthusiastic host to bring this to life.

Behind the Scenes Production and Hosting

You want someone to plan and manage this content from idea to execution. You want to be involved in the process, but you want to let someone else handle the ins and outs of bringing it to life.

Select this option for:

  • A 1.5 hour planning/brainstorming session where we will get clear on your vision, goals and highlight and key messaging or opportunities that could create some epic content at your event
  • Recommendations on how to roll this content should be presented (ie, as a mini series, as one long episode, as bite sized chunks for social media etc)
  • A script and general guidelines for how the content will be created and shot at the event
  • Production management from videography, sound, editing and equipment hire
  • An engaging and enthusiastic host to make it all come to life (that’s me!)

Past work:

I produced the BTS series for Pleasuredome, The Musical. 

Voice Over Artist

Having had on air experience for ZM and 95B FM, my upbeat yet dulcet tones don’t go unnoticed by eardrums – just ask anyone who heard the electric vehicle ad in 2017! If you need an enthusiastic, trustworthy voice for your training video, e-learning series, children’s cartoon or advertisement on TV, radio or online – get in touch. And I’m serious about the cartoon stuff. Once I was the voice of a bumble-bee for Dairy NZ. 

Previous clients: McDonald’s, Kia motors, Auckland Transport Agency, Auckland University.

Content writer and Social Strategist

  • Brand overview document (incl mission statement, tone/personality, key messaging, and bespoke hashtags)
  • Content opportunities within your campaign
  • Branded hashtags
  • Four-week launch strategy
  • The option to hire me as your copywriter as well

Past work:

  • Pleasuredome The Musical, 2017 (Social Strategist and Content Manager). Through a diverse, bold and engaging social media campaign, I played a part in getting 55,000+ people through the Pleasuredome doors. Across the season, Pleasuredome received over 6 and a half million social media impressions and gained an extremely loyal fan base. Through behind the scenes teasers, audience engagement activations (costume competitions, partner giveaways etc) and an ‘always on’ approach, Pleasuredome was the talk of Auckland city over it’s season, which, by popular demand, was extended twice.
  • Another Frickin’ Festival (Social Content Writer)
  • Confitex Underwear (Content Writer)

I can’t wait to hear from to discuss your project or event soon!

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